Pupil & Parent Questionnaires

Parent Survey 2017
The file below shows the results of our parent survey 2017. 
Pupil questionnaires 2015
Earlier this year, the children from the school council were asked to come up with some questions to ask the rest of the children in the school. The aim was to get a child's perspective of our school and how the children feel about certain aspects of it. The school council will meet again to discuss the results and see what we can do to improve our school further. The results are below. 
Parent and carer questionnaires 2015
Questionnaires have also been issued to parents and carers of children from our school. The aim again is to get a true picture of what the adults feel about our school with the intention of finding out what is going well and what needs to improve. The results for these questionnaires will soon be displayed below.
Actions as a result of the parent and carer questionnaires.
1. Additional sporting activities for children (including after school clubs).
- Initially these activities will come in the form of football clubs for children in lower years (Years 1 - 4).
- Competitions organised against other local schools / teams.
- To continue with cross country, tag rugby and football competitions but to explore further   ways to promote competitive sport.
2. Introduction of a school Twitter account to improve communications with parents and carers.
3. To continue to make sure that howmework is set in accordance with the school's homework policy. Our aim is to set appropriate homework which supports children's learning but not to overburden children and parents with too much. 
4. To look at alternative free after school clubs to cater for children's interests. 
Parents and carers can leave a comment about Brookdale Primary school using the following link.