Long Term Plans - By Year Group

Brookdale Primary School follows the National Curriculum (2013) in England which became statutory for all schools from September 2014. From this curriculum, the Brookdale staff have adapted it further so that it is suited to our children and can be delivered with the resources that we have available to us.
We aim to revisit the curriculum throughout the school year so that we can adapt it further, make improvements where necessary and ensure that children's curriculum entitlement is met. Most importantly, we want our curriculum to be interesting, engaging and fun so that all of our children can access top quality learning opportunities. Whilst doing this, we want to promote children's spiritual, moral, cultural,  mental and physical development so they become balanced individuals.

We want to offer many opportunities to our children so that they have every chance of success in school and in later life as adults. With our dedicated staff and an engaging curriculum, we can build the foundations for our children to believe in themselves,progress and ultimately succeed.

Please have a look at our approach to reading and the curriculum overview for each year group below. Also, go back to the Curriculum tab to access the Autumn Term topics for each year group. As the year progresses, you will eventually see the Spring and Summer topics.
As well as the information on the website you can find out more about our curriculum and what your child is learning through updates from class teachers including newsletters and parent meetings.  If there is anything you want to know more about please see your child's class teacher.