At Brookdale we want our children and the school community to embrace new learning technologies to improve opportunities for learning but we want to do so whilst keeping our children safe.
For further advice about keeping your child safe online or reporting abuse online, please visit the links below. Additional information can also be found at the bottom of this page.
Whole-school e-Safety Presentation (8.12.15)
Mr Darbyshire delivered a whole school e-safety presentation to the children to give them some practical advice when online. Special reference was made about online gaming, social networking sites and cyber- bullying.
Afterwards, we revisited the CEOP run site 'Thinkuknow' and pointed out some very useful features. These features included the online safety rules, tips and advice when going online and most improtantly what a child (or parent / carer) must do if they are uncomfortable with things that are happening to them online. Luckily the children have been reminded that they can talk to any of the adults in school for help and advice in addition to their parents / carers. They were also shown how to report abuse online with the report abuse button on the CEOP website and the Thinkuknow website.
Parents should visit these websites in order to be aware of online dangers and what to do if you have concerns.
If you have any queries, please make an appointment with Mr Darbyshire to discuss matters further.